Garlic and Planting Dates

This morning I woke up at 3:30 am and wanted to research garlic. Why have I not found garlic at Steins, Bakers Creek, or several other places I have looked. Well I found this amazing website They actually are in Wisconsin, just north of Madison! I was a little saddened to learn that for best yield you should plant garlic in the fall. I did however find out that there are TONS of varieties of garlic and they are from Wisconsin! Very interesting! I counted them. 162 varieties! They had very detailed instructions on growing garlic and will offer seed garlic for sale this fall. I also found that Seed Savers Exchange has garlic for sale. ┬áThis all makes me very happy and excited. Now I can’t wait to plant something in OCTOBER! YAY!

I also found a great resource from Farmer’s Almanac. It lists the best planting dates for planting seeds. It is by zip code so I no longer have to wonder if I should plant at the same time as Madison, or if I should plant 1 or 2 weeks after Madison.

We are starting seeds today! I can’t wait. I think I need about 5 acres to plant all that I want to plant. My trouble is I like to purchase seeds, I like to plant seedlings… but man… those weeds are going to kill me this summer. But I want to feed my family. I want my garden to be the sustenance that gets us through this rough time in our lives. I want the flavors of all these heirloom varieties of vegetables. I want the beauty of a garden, the sweat of hard work in the summer providing food for my family.