Minimalism 2 Months wearing the same 33 pieces of clothing

Today marks just over two months on Project 333. I love it! I only have 33 pieces of clothing that are to last me for three months. I have been pretty successful at it.

The rules go as follows. 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months. Socks count as pairs. Items that do not count are: wedding ring, bath robe, Underwear, and work out clothing.

One interesting part about the clothes that I owned before this project started is it all has categories. I am 24 years old and have worked 25 different places. I had a business professional set from the days of when I had to wear a tie 4 days a week and a dress shirt 6 days a week. I think I owned like 50 ties! I had work clothes from back in the day when I was the garbage man in a meat packaging factory. I had clothes that I wore when I worked in the office at a foundry where we had to wear “office clothes”. Then I had a set of clothes that I enjoy wearing. There isn’t a ton of overlap between the clothes that I WANT and bankers clothes, garbage man clothes, and foundry “office” clothes. I thankfully have donated 49 ties, work pants, work shirts, and basically all the clothes that I do not enjoy to Goodwill!

Each time you add to the 33 that you originally chose you have to remove something else. I have had only a few additions to the original 33 pieces. The only clothes that I have taken out of storage were a t-shirt, pair of shoes, and a sweater. I needed a tshirt to paint a room with for one day, shoes that have never been around chickens for 3 days, and a sweater that does not have a zipper so that it doesn’t bulge in front when I am delivering mail which replaced a t-shirt. I have added a new pair of blue jeans. I only had two pairs of jeans that I actually like and both of those are getting worn out and I needed at least 3 pairs of pants in regular useage.

I have not yet typed up my list of 33 items. It really annoys me that I haven’t done that yet because I would like to document it for future reference.

All in all I am really enjoying project 333! It has simplified and clarified my mind. It has changed the way that I look at the world. It started me on the track of thinking about only including good things in my life wether it was physical, mental, emotional, relationships, or projects I am working on. I am getting rid of the clutter in my life. I have not yet finished cleaning up my personal clutter. When I feel that I have gotten to a really good point with mine, I look forward to hopefully clearing through some of my son’s things and also some of the stuff that my wife and I jointly share.

I do have about 60 pieces of clothing put away in “storage”. At the end of December beginning of January I do intend to go through those and my current set of clothes and choose a new set of 33 or less for the next three months. I will store some away and probably donate some.

Where will I go from here? This is really not just a 3 month project for me. Really it is a life long journey. I now see this as a defining characteristic of myself personally for the rest of my life. I am an aspiring minimalist. One day I hope that you can enter my home and agree. One day I hope you can have a conversation with me and agree. Right now I am still on my way toward those goals. But I will get there. One day at a time…. Even Rome was not built in a day.