Spring 2013 Project 333 Wardrobe

Here is my Project 333 wardrobe for the 2nd quarter 2013. I am so excited to have this done. honestly I didn’t make certain that in January to March I was only wearing 33 pieces but honestly I was probably under it because of the shorts.

  1. Black Coat
  2. Green Jacket
  3. Black Jacket
  4. suit jacket
  5. Black Sweater
  6. Gray Dress Shirt
  7. Navy Blue Polo
  8. Orange Short Sleve Dress Shirt
  9. Yellow/Green Shot Sleve Dress Shirt
  10. Red Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  11. Yellow Dress Shirt
  12. Black Dress Shirt
  13. Red Dress Shirt
  14. Green Dress Shirt
  15. Bright Blue Dress Shirt
  16. Shorts
  17. Shorts
  18. Shorts
  19. Shorts
  20. Shorts
  21. Brown Low cut shoes
  22. Boots
  23. Sandals
  24. black Dress shoes
  25. brown gloves
  26. grey hat
  27. belt
  28. gray dress pants
  29. jeans
  30. jeans
  31. jeans
  32. khaki pants

This lists only 32 items. I know that I will be going shopping this quarter for clothes that fit me better as I am very actively losing weight. I do think however that those things would only be replacing items that no longer fit me. It will not be additional items.

The instructions are to not include underwear, sleepwear, in-home lounge wear, and work out clothes. I assume underwear includes socks. I did not include 4 gym Tshirts and 3 gym shorts, underwear, socks, bathrobe, poultryman show coat, Carhartt Winter coat.

I graduated from high school 7 years ago and have held on to my FFA Jacket. It is hugely sentimental to me but I am giving it up. FFA was a huge part of my life. I look forward to hopefully one day maybe being an active suporter of the FFA. But even if I do that, it is not propper for an alumni to wear official dress jackets. I don’t want stuff filling up my closets. I am donating my jacket back to my alma matter so that maybe one day another kid can use it.