My dad, Larry Danke

I love my dad. He loves his family. He also loves to farm. Sometimes it feels as though the agricultural pursuits are more important to him than his family but it seems as though the last few years he has spent a lot more time with his family.

My dad wasn’t the kind of dad who was around the house after work. If I wanted to spend time with my dad the best option was to search the fields for him and jump on the tractor and ride along. And if he wasn’t driving a tractor, he was fixing one, working with the cattle, or some other farming task. He was either eating, sleeping, working his day job, or working on the farm.

My experience with him as my dad has made me want so desperately to be able to need to work only 40 hours a week and spend the rest of the time with my family. That is a great thing but it certainly takes a lot of financial planning and being very frugal.

My mom and dad have beenĀ marriedĀ since 1979 (i think). I respect that they have made their marriage last. I do wish however that their marriage would be healthier. I guess we all wish that all of our marriages would be healthier, don’t we….

I love my dad.