Website Advice

I have been being asked about entrepreneurship and websites lately so I think it would be appropriate to write about it so that I can share this with more people.

I want to start out by saying that I built my first purely poultry website myself for free. I started with a $10 domain registrar and $6 a month for webhosting. When I started using zencart I pressed one button with Simple Install and zencart installed on its own. Then when it came to setting it up I needed help and found very affordable help on one of the websites where you hire freelancers. She was great for what she charged, but was not an experienced professional.

Here is Pro-webs. I highly recommend them for awesome development.

Their complete store is what you need to have the most successful business possible.

Pro Webs does not hold your hand however. If you need more help with setting things up than prowebs offers Zen Cart Guru is a person that will help you do anything.

Both of these will not write the text of your website for you. For that I recommend Dava at Smiling Tree Writing She helps me with my writing, facebook, newsletters etcetera.

If you choose any of these places make sure you tell them that Tyler sent you from Purely Poultry.

With website design and maintenance you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing you get very little, if you pay more you get alot more.

In general if you follow advice of someone you will get the same quality end result that your adviser created so far. When dealing with web-hosts you do not want Godaddy, or to use your internet service provider as your host. GoDaddy has all kinds of problems with websites! Your ISP should be just that, providing internet, they do not specialize and are not experts at hosting websites. Hostgator is what I have heard many professional web developers and designers recommend. It is what I use.

You will need to do a domain registration. You might want to keep that website. then you would need the domain to be transferred to you. If you are creating your own new domain you can just do your own domain registrar.

I highly recommend you go to the Small Business Development Center about the business. they will help you through the process of everything.

You can build your own site if you want. I started out building my own site and made MANY mistakes which everyone that is learning does. If you can afford to I would recommend using a professional like i had talked about in the previous email I sent you.

Frontpage is an awful program. Dreamweaver is much better if you are going to be doing the website yourself. Even if your not doing the site yourself it is helpful to have it so you can edit product descriptions and the like.

I hope that helps you develop your website!