Working with Women

Interestingly I find my life filled with women. I did not do this intentionally but it seems as though they are all mostly a matter of coincidence.

We have been with Aurora Healthcare System for a long time. We had a male doctor when we lived in Oshkosh. When we moved to Fremont in May 2010, I was sick so I didn’t want to drive to Oshkosh so I visited the Aurora clinic here in Fremont which coincidentally has a female family doctor. It is only 5 minutes from home so I she is now the doctor for Noah and I. When I asked about ADD my doctor referred me to two Aurora psychiatrists, both of which were female.

In November 2010 Ruth and I wanted to start seeing a counselor. So I called a counseling agency told them the story and they recommended a counselor. You guessed it! A woman! Ruth was already with a counselor so I decided that this counselor would be billed as mine even though we were seeing her for our marriage. It ended up that I actually needed counseling so I now had a female counselor.

In July of 2009 the amazing Dava Stewart of randomly cold called me about doing the Purely Poultry newsletter. I called her back 16 months later because I had only sent out two newsletters in 16 months.

When I was actively reading my twitter feed I would see that Dava was chatting regularly with Julie Bestry of Best Results Organizing.Whenever I would read julies tweets she was always helpful and insightful. I checked out her website and she does coaching for disorganized people (that was code word for me). I eventually called Julie for coaching in June of 2011.

In February of 2011 Melissa randomly emailed me looking for work. I had some deadlines i needed to meet on a project shortly thereafter so I called her for help.

In February 2011 I asked for resumes for an opening on the Purely Poultry team. We recieved hundreds of resumes with many very extremely qualified applicants. My wife chose the people for me to interview The two that I interviewed were… you guessed it… women. Amanda joined our team in April 2011 and boy am I glad she did! She is a great team member!

In December 2011 I had another opening for Purely Poultry. Again we received hundreds of resumes with many very extremely qualified applicants. I had Amanda chose the top ten applicants and my wife chose the top three for me to interview. All three were…. women. Do you notice a trend here? Meghan joined the Purely Poultry team in March. Meghan is extremely versatile, hard working, and achieves amazing things every day. Terri was from the same interviewing pool and joined the Purely Poultry team in May. She is an incredible asset to our team and I am so excited to be working with her.

In January 2011 I realized that I needed to hire an accountant. A friend referred me to a female accountant, my next door neighbor is a female accountant, and I was looking on the better business bureau website considering wether I should be a member and Beth and Susan’s faces were on the front page of the BBB of Wisconsin Website. I chose to work with Anne first and then later chose to also work with Beth and Susan.

still want to write about Christine Heinrichs, cindy shesky, my wife,

Also I would like my next post to be about the men in my life.