Don’t call Tyler Danke a boss!

According to a boss is a person who makes decisions, exercises authority, and dominates.

I am not really one who makes decisions. I have always struggled to make decisions. It seems that when I do make decisions on my own that they are bad ones. I love relying on a team of qualified, passionate team members to make decisions. I am one who will procrastinate because I don’t want to make decisions. I know that because I am the business owner everything is ultimately up to me. I do however realize that I can stand on the shoulders of giants to make amazing decisions. I know that I have surrounded myself with amazing people with brilliant minds who are fully capable of critical thought and creativity. If my team does disagree I do realize that it is up to me to make the tie breaking decision or to guide the conversation to the best option.

I do want to dominate is please do not ever call me your boss.

I have come to associate the term boss with a very negative image. I think of them as a jerk. They tell you to do all kinds of things in extremely stupid ways. Bosses are authoritarian dictators. They are the mean guy at work who makes you do things you don’t want to do in ways that you don’t want to do them. It is the leader of a group of people that do not want to show up to work. And when they do show up to work they take their lunch breaks to get drunk and sleep in cardboard boxes until they are done with their shift and their buddy gets them up out of their box to punch out for the day. Yep that is the image I have of an employee that has a boss at a job. Bosses are the people that have underlings, subordinates, and peons. Bosses fire people for no reason.

Bosses are the people that schedule people intentionally stupidly. When my dad takes a vacation day on Tuesday his boss will still schedule him for 5 working days that week. Monday and Wednesday through Saturday would be the days that he works against his will. His “Monday” shift will start at 9 pm and he will work until 5 am on Tuesday. I don’t know about you but that looks to me like he is working 5 hours on Tuesday. This completely undermines the desire to have off on Tuesday. But the Boss gets away with it because it is a “Monday” shift.

If you call me boss, I generally become the jerk that I have previously described. I hate the word so much that it makes me angry, grumpy, and annoyed. I have been reading lately about the space between stimulus and response. I have come to realize that this reaction is not appropriate. It is not healthy and not helpful. It is however currently my reaction. I am working on it and will strive to control my response. I do however believe that I will forever have a strong distaste and negative image of the word boss. I do believe that I will ask that those around me not use the word.