Element Mobile is the worst cell phone company ever.

Alltel was bought out by Verizon. Then we became alltel customers again somehow. Alltel had to send us new phones that were lower quality than the ones we had with Verizon. Then Element Mobile became the cell phone provider for the alltel customers in our area. When Element Mobile we were constantly missing phone calls. All mobile Internet customer were not getting any Internet no text messages were being sent or received and this was happening for months / weeks. it started in January.

We went into the store. there was not a single phone in the building. There was a 2 hour wait in line to get a rep that could tell us nothing other than they will get phones that work eventually. and that if we left there would be early termination fees on all lines. $200.00 per phone. my family had 5 phones. Call their 800 number I waited for 45 minutes on one occasion and 90 minutes on another occasion and nobody answered their phones. this was supposed to be 24/7 customer service.

we went to us cellular they said that you have to transfer cell phone providers between 9am and 5 pm Monday through Friday because there is only one person doing the number porting.  we did that. risking a $1,000 in early term fees because we were missing calls, etc… they sent us a bill for the early term fees. I called again waited 30 minutes on the phone and someone answered. they said we had to go into the local office. The local office said we had to drive 60 miles to the corporate office. My mom drove to the corporate office. While there the guy at the front door asked what she wanted. She got a piece of paper with TONS of codes on it that were not understandable by a customer. Obviously this entire form was for internal usage. But my mom was instructed to send it in anyway.

I called the 800 number asking for help with the form. Basically he said he could not help me with it and that it is something that the customer needs to fill out. I called again and was told that the form was a waste of my time and we wouldn’t get the early term fees waived. I gave up and told my dad just not to pay the early term fees. My dad called them and they waived all of the early term fees and said that we owed $36.00. it is much worse than this actually. This is just half of it. but its enough for today.