Getting Rid of my books

Book burning!

I a few weeks ago I decided that I was going to get rid of most of my books. Part of my excitement was that then I could sell the books that I have. Yesterday I was trying to list my books on Amazon for sale. I found out that almost all of my books are selling on Amazon for $0.01. Yep that’s right, one stinking penny!

Most of the books are older. I haven’t spent much on books other than my text books. Text books value vanishes very quickly.

I thought… well a penny… that’s okay because Amazon only takes 15% commission on the sale price and then gives you $3.99 for shipping which the real cost of media mail is much less than that. Then it starts showing me that Amazon not only charges 15% commission. They also charge per order fees as well. Selling my books on Amazon is starting to seem much less appealing.

It seemed great to be able to sell some of my items to make a bit of money. It seems to me that I will simply be donating my books to Goodwill. Oh well. At least I will have fewer books that I feel guilty for not having read, less book shelves, and more room for the important people in my life instead of unimportant things in my life.

About five minutes after I published this I found myself taking out the trash. The trash was sitting next to my books that I intended to take to Goodwill. I thought for a moment, ‘I won’t be going to Goodwill for a while. Maybe I should just put them at the curb. I put a box of books at the curb. I went in for the second box of books and had another brilliant thought. I have a bunch of wood that needed burning. It sounds like a great day to have a good old fashion book burning.

It is not like I particularly dislike the books. It wasn’t that the books had no value. The simply had very little financial value to Goodwill, and no financial value to me. I had negative emotions about how much clutter they represented. I have huge positive emotions about getting rid of them. It was an awkward morning… but rewarding too. I am thankful I held a book burning today.

Yours Truly,

Tyler Danke