Office and Bedroom

My office and our bedroom is currently the same room. When we bought this house in May I got my own office for the first time! A room all to myself! I loved it. Our bedrooms were upstairs and the office was downstairs. The house does not have a furnace, just a gas space heater in the dining room on the first floor. We could have decided to put space heaters in the bedrooms but instead decided we would economize for this first year and move downstairs so that we would not have to heat the upstairs. This however means I no longer have a room just for my office. It also serves as our bedroom.

Right now my least favorite part about it is that when I get up early in the morning to start work, I cannot turn the light on. Ruth is still sleeping so I cannot turn the light on because I would wake her. I have papers on my desk that I would like to be taking care of but cannot right now because it is dark in here. Once the day starts going I get involved with other projects and do not feel as though I have time to work on the mess of papers.