Phrase Express

Do you write the same thing over and over again many times a day? Phrase Express allows me to write the letters P L M K and it writes. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. according to the app itself it says that the 9 times that i have used the above abbreviation it has saved me $0.82 since my typing speed is 369 characters per minute and my hourly wage is $14 an hour. 🙂

I think this app could probably help you in 1000 ways. We can probably be putting more helpful stuff in our zen cart order comments 🙂 and probably write longer emails with only a few key strokes 🙂 Especially the common replies to emails.

You can download it for free from Cnet. Click the download Now button on the left side.

This will be super helpful in doing live chat!

If you do install it, it wasn’t super intuitive that it didn’t really pop up. I had to go to the bottom right task bar and click on it. I added the P L M K item (the letters are all lower case and as one word but i can’t type it as one word together or it will substitute. Also if i do it in all caps it does this PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN HELP YOU WITH. those letters are the autotext and I have it set to Execute immediately which means without asking or needing to click on anything. The default option was Expert options which means that I had to click on the suggested wording that it wanted to write for me.

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