Fiscal and Physical Fitness

My financial fitness is hugely directly related to my financial fitness.

I wrote this post February 6th. Since then I paid off my credit card completely, and have lost 21 pounds. I am also off of antidepressants.

I am currently obese in both my financially and physically.

I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, 250 pounds, and 45 inches around the belly.

I have to lose 4 inches around my waist to stay in my current health care cost sharing program. Right now I am required to pay $80 a month for a Restore health coaching program until I am at 41 inches around my waist. If I do not lose the inches we will lose our membership and coverage. Furthermore if I lose 25 pounds to end at 225 and have a 38 inch waist around my belly button then the program has a $68 monthly Health Incentive. This is a $148 a month incentive to be more physically fit.

I have $20k in stupid student debt and $20k in stupid business debt that I need to pay off. These are at stupid high interest rates. I am committed to paying these specific debtors off and never going into debt with anyone else ever again. We have $1,025 in monthly payments $536 of which is interest charges.

Every time we go to town there are always restaurants tempting me. I go to town to either 1) go shopping or 2) go out to eat. Without fail almost every single time I go to town I do both! If you have your wallet out spending money shopping might as well spend some money eating too right?

Restaurants are bad for me financially and physically. The food that I crave from restaurants is the extremely greasy extremely unhealthy type. As I sit here writing this I could totally go for a Big Mac or a McRib right now. Food at restaurants is more expensive than they would be if I cooked at home.

Food pantries do not have healthy food. We have been going to the food pantry for 18 months now. We will probably be stopping soon because my weight loss fitness program calls for no canned food, no processed food. It basically is saying that all the food I eat should be perishable fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, and seeds.
Other costs that I don’t have energy to write about now. Cost of a gym, trainer, work out equipment, Cost of healthy food

Health care costs are more expensive when you are unhealthy obviously. Without using any discount programs my antidepressant is $112 for a monthly supply and my Adderal for ADD is $190 a month. Both of which I could control without medication. We have not chosen to eliminate these medications from my life until I get my business under control, am able to hold a steady job, get my debt paid off or at least down and get my weight lost. About 99.9% of health care costs for both my wife and I have been mental health in our 5 years of marriage. Our new Medi-share Christian Healthcare cost Sharing ministry premium is much lower than traditional insurance partly because it does not cover mental health.

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