Everything must fit in one suitcase Minimalism

I want to live a more simple life. I want to spend my time enjoying activities with my family, friends, and serving others. I am frustrated with how much time it takes me to manage my things. I need to clean, maintain, and organize all of my stuff. I have been toying in my head for a long time about how to become a minimalist.

I have went through all of my clothes and picked out only 33 pieces of clothing that I am going to wear as part of Project 333. I gave most of them to Goodwill and I have another 51 pieces that I am storing away. I imagine that after my 3 months are up I will re-evaluate which 33 I want to keep and give away the rest.

I went through my books and chose 14 out of the 71 books that are mine. I have a feeling that this number will go down as well very soon.

After getting these two purging events completed, I want to have a further challenge. The 100 Thing Challenge excited me. I ordered the book from the library and was so excited to get it. I was hoping that it would be a “how to be a minimalist” book. Instead it was a “My experience struggling to be a minimalist” book.

It was disappointing but basically all you need to know is simple: have less stuff.

I was listening last night to the Suitcase Entrepreneur talk on Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. It has made me want to be able to fit everything that I own into a suitcase. I think that this will be much more simple than keeping a list of 100 or 33 things. If it fits it stays.

I do think that I am going to allow myself to have a suitcase for personal belongings. I am not yet working on purging my business items. I am going to deal with that separately. Maybe Purely Poultry can have its own suitcase excluding inventory? We will have to see how this progresses.

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