Minimalism and Project 333

I am intrigued and inspired to become satisfied with less:

  • Less clothing.
  • Less clutter
  • Less expenses
  • Less books
  • Less everything.

A few people I need to thank for this is Julie Bestry. Julie has done organizing coaching with me which has helped me to make Steve Stewart of MoneyPlanSOS had a podcast about minimalism which has made me thinking. Leo Babauta of was in an interview with Jesse Mecham of speaking about minimalism. Michael Nozbe is very regularly talking about how simplified his life is.

After reading a recent article by Michael Nozbe about using the Ipad as his main computer that lead me to His journey to 143 pieces of clothing. In the comments there was mention of Project 333. This got me extremely excited.

September 5, 2012 I chose about 75% of my clothes to donate to the thrift store. I had 12 pairs of shoes that I never will wear again. Why was I keeping worn out shoes with holes? I have no idea!

September 12 I had about 100 pieces that I was going to keep.

September 24 I decided to keep 84 pieces. 33 Pieces are put into the dresser to be used. These will be the only clothes I will wear for the next 3 months! Another 51 pieces have been put away. I won’t be able to use them until January 1 2013.

I got to the thrift store on September 26th. I had two of those HUGE garbage bags full of stuff to donate and one full of clothes I put in the garbage.

It has been a month now on #project333 I love it! I have been doing laundry more often. No more piles of dirty laundry in our bedroom. No weekends where we have 12 loads of laundry to do! Having only 33 pieces of clothing forces me to do laundry every few days and I LOVE it!

The 33 pieces of clothing include clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes. My wedding ring doesn’t count. Underwear does not count. Sleepwear, loungewear and workout clothing doesn’t count as long as they are only used for those purposes. Socks I counted by the pair.

I am almost to a month into project 333. I have been quite successful at keeping to the 33 pieces. I did have to bring a pair of shoes out of my boxed up stuff because I was touring a poultry farm that required that I have shoes that have never been around poultry. I did purchase another pair of nice jeans because I realized that two of the pairs of pants I saved would not work for me. They were not conducive to my job delivering mail. For every piece I have put into circulation I have removed others to compensate.

This project so far has brought me “joy” as the projects website describes. I love that I don’t have to trip on piles of laundry while walking through my bedroom. I love not having tons of laundry in the laundry room. I love not having so many options so choices are much more simple to make.

My next post will be about books at the 100 thing Challenge.

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