My view of etiquette on Facebook Personal Profiles and Business Pages

I have had hundreds of people friend me only because my work is Purely Poultry. They strongly desire to follow both my personal profile and my business page. At one time I would accept anyone who invited me as a friend. There was one point where I had several thousand friends on facebook. Since that I have removed many of the people that I have do not know.

I view my personal facebook profile as my opportunity to share my personal life, views, photos, and personal voice. It is my chance to stand on my soap box if I want to. I view it is my opportunity to have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I feel as though I can say whatever I want to there. (except expressing anger about my mom… that didn’t go over well.) I have had several very active discussions on religion, politics, and sex. One of my political conversations I had on my personal facebook profile was controversial and lengthy. Involved in this conversation was one of my “friends” that friended me because I operate Purely Poultry. She eventually instructed me to “stick to chickens and keep my mouth quiet about politics.” In response I stated that if she wants to know about chickens she can follow the Purely Poultry facebook page. If she wants to know about me she can be my friend on facebook. She unfriended me and discontinued following my business page on facebook. I am perfectly okay with that.

A very long time ago I decided that I wished only to talk about poultry or Purely Poultry related items on my business facebook page. I only want to talk about personal related things on my personal facebook profile. I had a person very strongly tell me that I was being too personal on my business page. I was talking about my son’s interaction with poultry, or my personal poultry flock on my Purely Poultry facebook page. These things I viewed as acceptable because it is specifically about poultry!

I want to say that I do very highly value being friends with the independant contractors I work with on facebook. I view being friends with you on facebook as the water cooler talk that employees who work at a traditional office. It is like going out for drinks with co-workers after work. It is like when I invite co-workers over to my home for dinner. It is a chance to socialize even when my customer care reps are a 12 or a 22 hour car ride away, my writer or professional organizer is a 14 hour car ride away. At this point if I add a third independent contractor customer service rep they would be a 35 hour car ride away. I long for the day when the Purely Poultry team can meet face to face and sit down to dinner even when though they are from all around the nation.

I do however find it very uncomfortable to be facebook friends with ex-girlfriends from high school and my mother in law. I don’t feel the need to get into religion, politics, and sex conversations with any of them.

2 thoughts on “My view of etiquette on Facebook Personal Profiles and Business Pages

  1. Part of the reason that I can use my personal profile for more business related things is that I have about 1000 times fewer customers than you do. Another reason is that I work with people like you. You and I have extremely different social and political views, yet we’ve never had an “argument” about those things probably because we are respectful toward one another.

    One of the coolest things about the internet, and social media in particular is how it can be used so individually. There are enough tools so that we can each tailor whatever platform to meet specific needs. Thanks for your thoughtful response,

  2. Tyler, you’ve obviously given your approach a great deal of thought. I think you do great job of balancing the right approaches regarding professional and personal sharing. I agree with you — there’s something heartening about valuing the professional relationships we have via Facebook interaction.

    Since it’s Friday, and not that far from 5 o’clock (somewhere!), I’m raising a diet Coke to you. Perhaps someday we’ll have a Skype meeting where your central team and extended team can each have a square on the screen, Brady Bunch-style.

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