My experience as a customer service rep

This was an email I received from a supervisor when I worked in customer service:

Hello Tyler,

I want to recap our monthly coaching session from today. It will be your last coaching, but I thought that it would be helpful for you so that you can apply what you learned here for your chick business.

In regards to your metrics, I was happy to point out how much progress you have made since starting with us in November. Call Quality jumped from 74% to 100% in February; First Pass improved from 93% to 98%, and finally the overall Data Entry accuracy grew from 51% to 79.7%. All of this is fantastic progress! You have worked hard, it the numbers prove it. In addition to all this, your schedule adherence has been wonderful and I really appreciate that.

We listened to a call from yesterday, regarding the availability of one of our products. Your tone was very nice and pleasant; you were professional, as well as polite. I really liked how you asked a lot of questions to find out which product exactly she was looking for. While you could not give her a date as to when the product will return, you did offer to send her future promotions, announcements and coupons as a solution; she declined and you didn’t let that bother you. My one opportunity for development was to offer empathy sooner in the call. Whenever a consumer says that they cannot find a product, it is best to offer empathy right away – “I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to find the product. I can understand how frustrating that it.” – this will help to eliminate any frustration they may feel and acknowledges that fact right up front.

Tyler, it has been a pleasure working with you and having you on my team (albeit for a brief amount of time)! I truly hope that you will be able to apply what you learned here and that it will help you grow your business. Remember your call flow – Open, Learn, Solution, Close – and don’t forget the Hugs 🙂

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