End of the day routine

I love the helpful insights that Michael Hyatt’s blog always provide. This article was particularly wonderful on Friday http://michaelhyatt.com/crossing-daily-finish-lines.html It encouraged me to write the following last Friday.

How did the day go? Today went quite well. I was productive with Purely Poultry today while at work. I have only 7 working days left at Alta Resources before I go back to operating Purely Poultry full time. I am hoping to go sledding tonight and help my brother move.

What did I learn today? I learned about doing this daily review and how helpful it can be to divide parts of your day. It draws work to a close so that I can spend quality time with my wife and son tonight.

About myself? I love being a father and husband.

Who did I interact with? I chatted with Meghan and Amanda today quite a bit. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with co-workers today, both Purely Poultry co-workers through google chat and also co-workers at Alta Resources.

Anyone I need to update? I need to tell Darren that I am not interested in doing the website for his work.

Thank? Thank my brother for suggesting myself for his employer’s website. Thank Darren and Eva for considering Ruth for doing their taxes.

Apologize? Amanda for trying to be too helpful in her personal life.

Ask a question? Cackle if they would ship small orders for us.

The most important tasks to accomplish tomorrow:
Finish fixing Uncle Wayne’s computer
Entering mailed in check order
Process my laundry basket of paperwork.
Move my brother.

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