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In our effort to be Christian stewards and win financially we are on Time of Use Electricity. WE Energy has a plan that you save money by using your electricity at night instead of during the day. In our area electricity is normally about 13 cents per kilowatt.

In September 2010 we signed up for Time of use level 1 which means during the day from 7am to 7pm electricity is 19 cents per kilowatt. During the night it is 9 cents per kilowatt. The time of use only applies Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are automatically 9 cents per kilowatt. We have delayed the use of the water heater and dryer during the day and save that mostly for nights and weekends.

Electricity is more expensive to produce for the power companies during the day because all of the businesses are using large amounts of electricity during the day. The more electricity that is being used at one time the more expensive it is for them to add more power generation.

This project did save us some money in the last year but if memory serves me right it was only like $150.00 If we would have used level 2 electricity we would have saved much more than that so we are now enrolled in level two for Time of Use.

Level 2 is 5 cents per kilowatt during the day and 25 cents per kilowatt during the night. I can’t wait to see the savings over the next year!

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    1. Mehan, Do they do it? We have started using electric heat this winter and really appreciate the time of use electricity. We are using more than twice the killowatt hours of electricity than we did last year. Our electric bill is CHEAPER! 🙂

  1. How do you find out if your electric company offers this? Our house is run pretty much strictly on electric except for our heat, which is propane. We have yet to see a bill less than $100! And we dont own an air conditioner.

    1. Meg, Check out their website? If it is not easy to find call and ask. I was looking on http://we-energies.com/ and found it by clicking on Residential in the header. Then saying no to participating in a survey, going to rates and policies, then they had a page on time of use pricing. So in my experience you might just want to give your company a call. Our electricity and natural gas COMBINED have averaged $118 a month for the last 30 months for our 1,200 sq foot house. I am now using the level two pricing and we have seen substantial savings. The only change we have made in our life has been running the dryer between 7pm and 7am. I actually am excited to try level three after we have been on level two for 12 months.

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